As the excitement of Comic Con comes to end, we are left with a slow week, both in terms of comics and news.  But that won’t stop me from giving you my opinion!  Onward, good readers, to this week’s Spandex and Capes!


Review List
July 26th, 2015

“Despite all my rage, I am still just a rat in a cage.” – B. Banner


TV News: Supergirl will be adding a Lane to the show – Lucy Lane.  While the article leaps to Superwoman, I’m guessing this will be a more traditional Lucy appearance.   Meanwhile, Michael Chiklis will be joining Gotham as Jim Gordon’s mentor.  Sy-Fy will be bringing Wynonna Earp to the small screen – while I never read this, it seems like it could be interesting.  Also before we get to Hawkgirl, we’ll get to Hawkman in Flash and Arrow.



Old Man Logan (Marvel)
By Bendis Michael Bendis with art by Andrea Sorrentino
You know who’s a boring character?  Wolverine.  He is the Mary Sue of characters, having experienced nearly every kind of tragedy and being able to defeat any enemy – even the ones he has no business defeating.  So how do you take that character and make hims interesting?  Well, it’s not with this series.  Taking a whirlwind tour of Battleworld, Old Man Logan continues to run into people and places that are just right or left of what he remembers.  And all of it is boring and predictable.  I don’t even remember why he left originally.  So I’m bailing on this book and hoping that eventually, we see an interesting character as Wolverine.  Like X-23.



Cyborg #1 (DC)
By David F. Walker with art by Ivan Reis
I’ve been a big Cyborg fan for years and while I was initial put off by Geoff Johns adding him to the Justice League, Forever Evil really spotlighted the character.  Heck, I was kind of pulling for a Cyborg and the Metal Men book.  That would have been fantastic after that arc in Justice League.  What we get instead though is just as good, if not better.  Upping the ante by making the machine more man, Cyborg #1 explores the idea behind Victor Stone wanting to be more than he is.  It’s kind of like the Pinocchio yarn except this time Pinocchio was a boy before he was a puppet.  Cyborg sees no action during this issue, just a lot of really good character moments.  I just hope the series is around long enough for it to all pay off.

Loki #16 (Marvel)
By Al Ewing with art by Lee Garbett
Marvel finally figures out how to truly make Loki a hero… of sorts.  Evolving past the Goddess of Lies and the Prince of Pranks, Loki goes full God of Stories, which gives an almost fourth wall breaking ability.  Seriously – I almost expected him to go full Deadpool on me and start talking to the reader.  The story though keeps it just below that level of insanity.  Loki stops his evil future self, going as far as making him remove himself from the story.  He then saves Verity and the Asgardians by saving their stories.  It’s a take on what will be left of us when we go – expect this time the storykeeper is able to step outside of time and remember us for all eternity.  The only thing I didn’t get is who were the Gods at the end – if the Omniverse is gone, where the hell did they come from?



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