IoM Actual Play: Star Wars: Edge of the Empire - The Banduu Run

Being a smuggler ain’t easy.  Hell, even you get boarded sometimes.  But since you’re not the kind of crew that will dump a cargo at the first sign of an Imperial cruiser, you get plenty of work.  Of course, there’s that little matter of the debt you owe to Lasra Kaan, that black-hearted Devaronian cartel-lord.  You’re a little late on the payments, but you’ve just got a job.  The Banduu Run.  This could really save your necks.  So a few crews have tried that one and never made it back.  They weren’t you.  You’ve flown from one side of the galaxy to the other, and you’ve never seen anything, that would make you believe that a cool head can’t get things done.  It pays to be cautious.  Like Mother always said…

Great, kid! Don’t get cocky

GM: Thistledown John

1) Aron

2) Dan

3) Paul

4) James

5) Josh

6) Andrew

Using Fantasy Flight Games’ STAR WARS: EDGE OF THE EMPIRE,  this is the first of the actual play recordings made at ManCon 2015!  Much more to come!

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