IoM Actual Play: Far Trek @ ManCon 2016

For the second year, the IoM guys made their pilgrimage to the sacred waters of Table Rock Lake for an extended weekend of gaming and drunken goodness.  In this the first of our actual play recordings released from ManCon 2016 uses FAR TREK: THE CONTINUING VOYAGES role playing game system.

FAR TREK is a game about a five year mission, a world where special effects never progressed beyond painted Styrofoam blocks and cheap double-exposures.  The 70’s were still The Future and Klingons had smooth foreheads.

FAR TREK, based on the work of Mike Berkey, is written by C.R. Brandon and employs his 3D Game System.  FAR TREK is available as a free download.

And now join the heroic crew of U.S.S. Concord under the command of her handsome and noble Captain as they boldly go in a game run by IoM’s very own Thistledown John!