The new Wonder Woman: Lasso of Truth ride is open now at Six Flags America in the Washington, DC/Baltimore area, and we got to experience it and bring you along with us! Check out a POV experience of the ride itself, the opening media event, special food items, exclusive merchandise, and more!

Batman! Superman! Wonder Woman! Joker! Penguin! Yes, we make the most out of our time at Six Flags America by enjoying as much DC superhero goodness as we can! We have POV views of the Batwing, Superman Ride of Steel, Joker Jinx, Penguin Blizzard River, and a view at exclusive Six Flags Merchandise. If you’re a comic fan, don’t miss this one!

Warning – some profanity in this one, as we ride some of Six Flags America’s most extreme thrill rides, the Fireball looping coaster and Apocalypse, the standing roller coaster!

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