Funnybooks with Aron and Paulie
Funnybooks with Aron and Paulie
Bird Hunt

This is generally around the time a fresh episode of Funnybooks with me and that other guy usually drops.  Due to the holiday weekend and the fact that not much worth reading hit the shelves this past Wednesday, your Funnybooks friends took the week off.

As you know, tho, I don’t want to curse your darkness… I want to light a candle.  Just so you have something to listen to, here’s a brief bit of audio for you…

As I record this, it is September 1st.  All across Texas hunters have taken to the sunflower fields for the first day of Dove season.  It’s a big deal here in the Lone Star state. Has been all my life. Some of my most cherished memories feature a hunt as the setting.  For instance, I smile every time I think of the time my brother and I hunted with my Dad’s buddies a few short months after his funeral.  My Dad’s best friends hanging around the lodge, drinking beer, smoking cigars, telling stories on him. Those old friends ragging on my father like he was there with us.

Never would have had that without the occasion in the wilds of west Texas, hunting birds.

I wrote the following more thirty years ago.  It is a true story, the facts are as I remember them.  

Bird Hunt by Aron Head