Busch Gardens Williamsburg has revealed all of the details behind 2021’s Howl-O-Scream return! In this video, we discuss all that’s been revealed, and what may be coming next. Busch Gardens® Howl-O-Scream® returns in full force, taking over the entire park with five haunted houses, four terror-tories™, four sinister shows, two party zones and unsuspecting horrors awaiting their victims at every turn. Guests can test their thrill threshold with seven world-class coasters at night, offering a completely different ride experience.

Three NEW haunted houses, two NEW terror-tories and two NEW shows make for a night of screams never to be forgotten, while returning Howl-O-Scream icons welcome back the bravest of Howl-O-Scream® fans.



  • WITCH OF THE WOODS: Legend tells of the old Witch of the Woods, who descended upon the ancient village and wreaked havoc. Nobody alive has seen her, but if you’re brave enough to travel the woods at night, it’s said that you can hear her chanting and crying out to the skies. Those who give in to her control become her disciples, and those who don’t…inevitably meet the same fate. But this is only a story, right?
  • KILLARNEY DINER: What say, Daddy-O? Word around town is that something landed in the forest right behind our favorite sock hop. Will you make it through your meal before becoming the flavor of tomorrow’s blue plate special?
  • NEVERMORE: An unearthly plague ravages the land. You cry out for help, and the nobility turns a deaf ear. You perish in the streets, and the nobility turns a blind eye. You are reborn, and the nobility is silent forevermore. Welcome to the gothic nightmare of Prospero, last heir to the House of Usher – inspired by the works of Edgar Allan Poe.
  • DYSTOPIA: Will you submit to the new dystopian world order? You may not have a choice.
  • CIRCO SINISTRO: What lies within the mysterious billowing tents of Circo Sinistro? Find out if you dare.


  • HEXED HOLLOW: This village, and all who travel through it, are cursed by an ancient magic. Dark magics flow freely in the Hollow, and nothing is ever going to be the same. Hexed Hollow is located in Rhinefeld Village.
  • MEAT MARKET: Fresh meat! The denizens of this devious dwelling are serving up delectable delicatessen and gorging on human hors d’oeuvres. Meat Market is located in New France Village.
  • GARDEN OF THE SOULS: A ghastly transformation has taken place in the Gardens, where the graves of the deceased carry a dark secret, and grieving spirits wander freely. The Garden of the Souls is located in Italy.
  • RIPPER ROW: Don’t wander the streets of Whitechapel after dark – you never know who you might run in to. Murder, mayhem and mistaken identities abound in the back alleys of this English town. Ripper Row® is located in England.


  • PHANTOMS OF THE FESTHAUS: This isn’t your typical singing contest. Join the living audience as your favorite ghouls take on spooky hits, and the winner is put to vote. The more spirited the audience is, the more exciting the competition is.
  • SKELETONES: These lively musicians and singers leaves nothing but bones on Il Teatro di San Marco located in San Marco Italy. Take a break from the scares with this spooky ensemble.
  • JACK IS BACK: The popular disco dance celebration returns to Ireland village with pumpkins, scarecrows & Howl-O-Scream’s leading character, Jack.
  • MONSTER STOMP ON RIPPER ROW: This modern rock and rhythm spectacular features Jack the Ripper like you’ve never seen him before. Electrifying percussion, dynamic dance and sensational singing return to Globe Theatre stage in a pulse-pounding revue. Monster Stomp on Ripper Row opens Oct 1.


Party Zone feature Halloween parties full of dancing and music.

  • France – A Queen’s duty is never done – even after death. Revel with the bourgeoisie like it’s 1793!
  • Festa Italia – The circus is in town and you have a front row seat to this Ringmaster’s melodic machinations. Party with the clowns ‘til the moon goes down! 


  • New! Back Alley Bar – Located in England
  • Returning Favorite! Control Bar – Located in Ireland
  • Returning Favorite! Restless Spirits – Located in Italy Gardens
  • Returning Favorite! Last Call – Located in Oktoberfest

For more information and tickets, visit buschgardens.com.