From the Car: Toothless

Name:  Toothless Author: J. P. Moore Read by: J. P. Moore Format:  Podcast Novel told in three parts Episodes: 24 Podiobook link: Author website: Published Status:  Published as a paperback by Dragon Moon Press. One Sentence synopsis:  A Zombie struggles with his identity after being raised from the dead to be n the […]

From The Car: Audiobooks vs Podiobooks

Over the last week and a half or so I have been listening to quite a few “professional” audiobooks.  In particular I have been listening to the Dresden Files series, but I have quite a few audiobooks in my library.  I have also been listening to the Audio version of Tracy Hickman’s serial fiction EvenTide.  […]

From The Car: The Crypt

Name:  The Crypt Book 1 Author: Scott Sigler Read by: Scott Sigler Format:  Podcast Novel of short stories Episodes: 22 Length:  8.3 hours Podcast Feed: Author website: One Sentence synopsis:  A collection of short stories introducing you to the crew of the PUV James Keeling. This podiobook was a little different than most […]

From the Car: Quarter Share

Name:  Quarter Share Author: Nathan Lowell Read by: Nathan Lowell Episodes: 14 Length:  6.9 hours Podcast Feed: Author website: Print Status:  Published by Ridan Publishing Normally when I write these reviews I have listened to the podiobook months ago and it is just on a long list waiting for review.  This one however […]

From the Car: Making the Cut a Metamor City Novel

Name: Making the CutAuthor: Chris LesterRead by: An ensemble castEpisodes: 33 EpisodesChapters: 31Format: Part of a PodcastRunning Time: 27.6 HoursAuthorNovel Website: Feed: sentence synopsis: In a world where magic and technology developed side by side one man after making a huge mistake decides that the best way to fix his life would be […]

From the Car: Brave Men Run

Episodes: 15 episodes with a few bonusesFormat: Podcast NovelRunning Time: 7.7 HoursAuthorNovel Website: Feed: Status: Published by Swarm pressTheme Song: “In a perfect World” I can’t tell you who it was by because  I just can’t make it out when the author says it. I enjoyed the song and hope to find out.One […]

From the Car: Ida

Name:  Ida AuthorRead by:  Tim Callahan Episodes:  31 Format:  Podcast Novel Running Time:  10.7 Hours AuthorNovel Website: Feed: One sentence synopsis:  A mining space station orbiting an asteroid has to fight for its freedom after a wave of babies are born.

From the Car: Infected

Name:  Infected AuthorRead by:  Scott Sigler Episodes:  22 Episodes Format:  Podcast Novel Running Time:  11.8 Hours AuthorNovel Website: Podcast Feed: Print Status:  Published by “Crown” Theme Song by uncrowned One sentence synopsis:  A strange infection drives ordinary people to kill those closest to them. This novel is not for everyone.  To quote the […]

From the Car: Playing for Keeps

Name:  Playing for Keeps AuthorRead by:  Mur Lafferty Episodes:  15 Format:  Podcast Novel AuthorNovel Website: Podcast Feed: Print Status:  Published by Swarm Press Theme Song :  “Playing for Keeps” by  Beatnik Turtle One sentence synopsis:  A bar owner is thrown into the middle of a Villain plot and a Hero conspiracy because of […]

From the Car: Voices New Media Fiction

Name: Voices:  New Media FictionFormat: Podcast Compilation NovelRunning Time: 9.3 HoursEpisodes: 23 Episodes18 storiesWebsite: sentence synopsis: Voices: New Media Fiction is a collection of previously released short stories from 10 different authors ranging a variety of subjects. This Podcast Novel was actually the first I had ever listened to.  It introduced me to the […]