RunDisney Announces Registration Dates and Races for Early 2019!

As previously announced, RunDisney was delaying registration for their 2019 races in order to create a more streamlined experience for registrants. As you may know, we’re huge fans of RunDisney events. Check out our previous experiences: RunDisney Expedition Everest Challenge 2015! Avengers Half Marathon Weekend: Expo, 5K, Half Marathon Dark Side Half Marathon Weekend: 5K, […]

Funnybooks with Aron and Paulie: How Much for the Goiter?

Disney buys STAR WARS! Bryan Singer returning to the X-Men Jamie Foxx as Alpha? Paul’s TMNT Incident New Alpha Miniseries Justice League Dark Annual #1 (and Jeff Lemire is leaving the title?) Action Comics Annual #1 Batman: Lil’ Gotham #1 Superman: Earth One Volume 2 Ultimate Comics X-Men #18 You can join the countdown to […]

The Princess and the Frog Trailer!

I’m a big fan of Disney films.  Yes, as much as I love my horror, from time to time, I’ll pop Bolt or Pinocchio into my Blu-Ray player too.  The last hand-drawn theatrical Disney movie was the abysmal Home on the Range, and, since then, they’ve had a relatively spotty record with their CG-animated films.  […]