HHN27 In House Highlights All 9 Houses | Halloween Horror Night 2017 Universal Orlando

With permission, Universal Studios Orlando allowed us to film in all 9 houses and share highlights from each house with you! Check out highlights from American Horror Story, Dead Waters, Scarecrow The Reaping, The Shining, The Horrors of Blumhouse, Ash vs Evil Dead, The Fallen, Hive, and Saw! Filmed with permission – please do not […]

HHN27 Halloween Horror Nights 2017 Merchandise | Universal Studios Orlando

We take a quick look at the recently released merchandise that’s available for this year’s Halloween Horror Nights HHN27 event at Universal Studios Orlando. This is merchandise that you can get without even going into the park! Rather, we take a look at what you can get in Universal’s Citywalk area.

The Four Hauntsmen: Oh Bagul, You’ve Done It Again!

Hot damn! There’s so much awesome in this episode of Four Hauntsmen that it couldn’t be contained to one regular-length episode. In addition to chatting about the recently announced HHN27 houses based on┬áThe Horrors of Blumhouse and the original properties, we feature not one, but TWO special guests! We talk to Sam Fraser, one of […]