Adventure Comics #1 – August 2009!

Remember this preview art of the cover for the upcoming Adventure Comics #1 that was printed in the back of Adventure Comics #0?  As if the cover already wasn’t a dead giveaway, and the hints in Adventure Comics #0 didn’t clue you in, DC has revealed the star of Adventure Comics, and fans…myself included…will be […]

Final Crisis Give-A-Way Winner!

We have a winner! The winner of the Final Crisis Give-A-Way, our very first contest here at Ideology of Madness, is Seraph. Seraph’s favorite Superman is… well… Supermen:  “…Namely Red Superman and Blue Superman from the Silver Age, because that was the first Superman comic I ever read. Good luck with the site!” These are […]

Final Crisis Give-A-Way

(NOTE: To give everyone a chance to enter, this will be at the top of the site for a couple of days.  For the most current news, scroll down!  New posts added all the time!) Maybe the review didn’t scare you off, or perhaps you just want to see for yourself what the fuss is […]