Funnybooks with Aron and Paulie: Dusting Off Your Resume for The End Times

The Pope’s Resignation, “Pope-al Prophecies,” Pointy Hats and Cup Holders in Church Pews SUPERMAN vs THE ELITE AVENGERS EARTH’S MIGHTIEST HEROES GRANT MORRISON ON FATMAN ON BATMAN NEW 52 SUPERMAN VS BATMAN NIGHTWING #17 JLA #1 NOVA #1 JUSTICE LEAGUE #17 SUPERIOR SPIDER-MAN #4 SUPERGIRL #17 Check out the site on Monday for our next […]

Madcaps: Batman and Robin #1 (UPDATED)

So…FINALLY got my hands on a copy of Grant Morrison and Frank Quitely’s Batman and Robin #1. I have no qualms about making my opinions of the team clear.  I’m probably the only dude in the world who didn’t think All-Star Superman was that great.  I felt that Morrison’s run on Batman was WILDLY uneven, […]


I think we’re the only site online that doesn’t have a review of DC Comics new title, Batman and Robin, yet.  We will this week, I promise!  Anyway, what we do have, courtesy of DCU’s Source Blog, is a look at some of the storylines to come in later issues.  I’m wondering if all of […]