Batman and Robin #2So…I know I’m a week late in my review/summary of Battle for the Cowl #2. I’ll hopefully have it up for everyone interested this Thursday!  In the meantime, Ign had the cover premiere for Grant Morrison/Frank Quitely’s Batman and Robin #2, which you can see at right also.

In its black-and-white state, I absolutely love it.  I’m not the biggest fan of Frank Quietly, and, to be honest, I am a little worried about this series, but I will say that this is an absolutely iconic Batman image.  I do note the lack of Robin on the cover, which seems odd, given that it’s only issue #2 of Batman and Robin.  Seems a little early to already remove half of the team from the covers.

Of course, colors will make all the difference – this piece needs to be colored appropriately moody – maybe a dark, purple sky, the city colored in grays and browns.  Actually, even the little blood pool on the bottom would befit from not being colored a bright red, but more of a brownish-red.  Still…based on the yellow cover for issue #1, I may be hoping in vain.