Ravine: Finely Crafted, Stunning

I am a big fan of Shinku by Ron Marz. I enjoy his writing immensely and how can you not love samurai and vampires. I follow him on twitter and noticed him mentioning Ravine would be coming out soon. I was ignorant of this book and turned to the internet to do a little more […]

Rob Liefeld's BRIGADE Returns this June!

As I’ve mentioned before, I LOVE the days of Rob Liefeld’s Extreme Studios – comics like Youngblood, Team Youngblood, Bloodstrike and the rest, which many considered the epitomy of what was wrong in the 90’s, reminds me of days when comics were really a blast.  I picked up a ton of Extreme comics recently, reading […]

I had to call into work today…

…because The Darkness #75 from Top Cow/Image comics kicked my @$$. This book is the absolute PERFECT comic book.  I have less than zero negative things to say about it. What’s that you say?  What’s the Darkness?  For shame, my friend.  For shame. The Darkness tells the tale of Jackie Estacado, mob hitman and all-around […]