Hablo Español? The Making of REC 2!

I’m an inpatient man.  When I want to see something, I want it now.  I’ve been trying to reform my ways in recent years, waiting patiently until the crowds die down instead of going to midnight showings, not reading spoilers online… That being said, it’s driving me nuckin’ futs that I have to wait AT […]

Watch more [Rec]2!

Source: Dread Central The official site for [Rec]2, probably one of my most anticipated movies this year, has released three clips from the upcoming movie!  Check out one below, and the other two after the jump!

[Rec]2 This October!

So, as of the time of this writing, [Rec]2 is due out in early October – looks to be the 9th.  If you haven’t seen the original [Rec] (it’s still waiting a US release), you’re missing out on a great piece of modern horror cinema.  The American film Quarantine is a remake – you can […]