Funnybooks with Aron and Paulie: Flash Facts!

It’s another full house this week, as Aron, Paul, Wayne, Jonathan, and Tim discuss all the week’s news, groove to Brightest Day, and share stories of cheatin’ on your comic shop. C2E2 News… Marvel’s Secret Avengers, Eaglesham’s leaving FF (maybe), Fantastic Three, Vampire Jubilee, Death of Dracula, Jonathan votes with his wallet Comic shop loyalty […]

What's Bruce Wayne doing while lost in time?

Well, we know Grant Morrison will be telling the tale of a Bruce Wayne lost in time with The Return of Bruce Wayne, but who wants to wait?  Apparently Bats brought his Batberry when Darkseid gave him the shocker to the distant past, because he’s on Twitter as TimeLostBatman.  What’s he been up to? I’m […]