Well, we know Grant Morrison will be telling the tale of a Bruce Wayne lost in time with The Return of Bruce Wayne, but who wants to wait?  Apparently Bats brought his Batberry when Darkseid gave him the shocker to the distant past, because he’s on Twitter as TimeLostBatman.  What’s he been up to?

I’m sorry, Israelites. It seems my time with you is done. Crime doesn’t wander in the desert for 40 years.

Hey, that little David guy is good with a slingshot. Possibly the next Boy Wonder?

I am considering teaching the Babylonians about proper face-kicking.

Currently, the Batcave? Just a cave.

I have to be honest: this is so much more fun than that whole Zero Hour thing.

The first wheel was just invented. Actually, 4 of them, and they went right onto the STONE AGE BATMOBILE.

I can’t wait to kick my way through Bible times. I am going to bring order back to the crime-ridden cities of Sodom and Gomorrah.

And so much more!  Obviously this isn’t official, but it is funny as hell.  Go lookee!