When was the last time you saw a children’s novel that had a cover like this? Skulduggery Pleasant: Mortal Coil is due out this September in jolly ol’ England.  If you haven’t been reading this series, read my reviews for books three and four…and just buy the damn books.  Thank me later. Image from writer […]

Skullduggery Pleasant: Dark Days (Book Review)

I received my copy of Skulduggery Pleasant: Dark Days in the mail on Monday.  Two days later, I’ve read the entire thing and am anxiously already awaiting book five (titled Mortal Coil, according to Wikipedia), which, as announced on the last page of Dark Days, will be out this September (overseas – thank goodness for […]

A Skulduggerific Day!

So, back in February, I professed my love for Skulduggery Pleasant, the series of novels about the skeleton detective and his teenage sidekick, Valkyrie Cain.  I also explained my frustration that the book was due out in April overseas, but wouldn’t see the light of day in the US until August.  Well, as it turns […]

What the heck, Skulduggery Pleasant?

I’m a big fan of Skulduggery Pleasant.  After only two books in the series have been released (the last one in April of 2008), I’ve been anxiously awaiting the next tale of the skeleton detective and his plucky teenage sidekick, Valkyrie Cain, as they try to thwart Lovecraftian monsters from invading our world.  So every […]