Beer. Run. Geek. The Search for Heavy Seas, Part 2!

Our trek to Heavy Seas Brewing in Halethorpe, MD continues! Along the way, we stop at Heritage Brewing, Wild Run Brewing Company, and take a jaunt to 2nd and Charles, a used book store in Woodbridge,VA! Learn more about the places we visited in this episode: Heritage Brewing: Wild Run Brewing Company: 2nd […]

Rat Queens Sass and Sorcery

The Rat Queens series is either a commentary on what it means to be a modern feminist woman or a commentary on the breakdown in communications in the post modern world. No matter what its philosophic or sociopolitical message might be, it is exceptionally entertaining and fun to read. It also makes me insanely jealous […]

The Apocalypse Codex

My reading for the past few months has been somewhat sporadic. I’ve kept up with my comics and graphic novels but have had little time to dedicate to my passion for science fiction and fantasy. I have been making an effort to carve out more time for reading and have recently finished The Apocalypse codex […]

This Dark Earth

Zombies are big right now.  I mean really big.  The Walking Dead is a big hit for AMC and a season of this show isn’t even a full twenty-four episodes.  In addition to the Walking Dead, There are video games, table-top rpgs, card games, dice games, and books all about this subject.  You can not […]

Midnight Riot

I was watching my twitter feed the other day, as I am wont to do.  I saw Charles Stross send out a tweet in regards to Ben Aaronovich.  I did a bit of a head desk and realized that I had not picked up his latest book.  I also repeated the head desk maneuver when I […]

The Atrocity Archives

After my recent review of Casting Call of Cthulhu, I was pondering my reading within the Cthulhu mythos.  I have read many of the stories by H P Lovecraft and several of those by the inheritors of his legacy.  In spite of my best efforts, I was never a fan of Cthulhu.  It wasn’t until I […]

Hedy's Folly

Have you ever seen the British TV series Connections?  It was a show that first aired in Brittain in 1978.  It had it’s second season in 1994 and it’s final season in 1997.  Seeing how it is a bit old, I won’t hold it against you if you hadn’t seen it.  I highly recommend combing through the […]