Tom Taylor had a life that was screwed from go. His father created the Tommy Taylor fantasy series, boy-wizard novels with popularity on par with Harry Potter. The problem is Dad modeled the fictional epic so closely to Tom’s real life that fans are constantly comparing him to his counterpart, turning him into the lamest […]

The revitalization of VERTIGO COMICS?

I know Vertigo Comics has always kind of been on the radar for comic fans looking for stuff a little out of the ordinary.  I mean, we’re talking about the publisher that released the revolutionary Preacher, 100 Bullets, Sandman, Fables, and many more.  Still, it’s been a while since Vertigo has seen a big runaway […]

On a personal note…

I’m in Nags Head this weekend.  Mrs. Awesome apparently loves it here, but I’ve decided that this is the least geeky place IN THE WORLD.  It’s two roads of restaurants and cheesy stores, and a beach – us geeks hate the beach! In addition, the closest comic shop is…wait for it…OVER AN HOUR AWAY!  The […]