I’m in Nags Head this weekend.  Mrs. Awesome apparently loves it here, but I’ve decided that this is the least geeky place IN THE WORLD.  It’s two roads of restaurants and cheesy stores, and a beach – us geeks hate the beach!

A Nags Head critter
A Nags Head critter

In addition, the closest comic shop is…wait for it…OVER AN HOUR AWAY!  The last time we came here, there was a comic shop close to the hotel, but it sucked.  Like the newest comic on the shelf was two years old.  It’s closed down now, so I don’t even have that.

See, I like to look around for any comic shops whenever I go out of town.  It’s a ritual I have.  I have to check out the local geek culture.  Nags Head, apparently, has none.  Which is a bummer, because I really wanted to read Vertigo’s The Unwritten #1 this weekend.  Sigh…someone read it and let me know how it is.

Howsabout you guys?  Have you ever been somewhere totally lacking in good geekiness?

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