Dollhouse: Episode 3 "Stage Fright"

SPOILERS AHEAD… It’s been a bit rough watching Joss Whedon’s Dollhouse.  The first episode was painful setting up a series that seemed all about the exploitation of young women unawere they were even being abused.  Our nausea was transformed to an ick-factor in the second episode, but since we got to see Dushku hand a […]

Dollhouse more like Craphouse

I really wanted to like Joss Whedon’s new forray into series television.  When I heard that he would reunite with Eliza Dushku (TV’s Faith) for an ongoing weekly action-drama titled Dollhouse, I was stoked.  After watching Friday’s premiere episode, I’m now nauseated. In Friday’s episode, we were introduced to Dushku’s character Echo who due to […]