Horrorhound #16It amazes me that, in this day of internets and blogs and horror news sites, I still manage to collect THREE horror magazines regularly. It’s a sad state of affairs when video game magazines are doing so poorly that Electronic Gaming Monthly, which has been around since I was a wee Paul, had to close up shop.  Still, how do you provide new and fresh information monthly when a website can update DAILY?

I don’t know how, but Horrorhound manages to do it!  My good buddies got me a subscription to Horrorhound for Christmas and they have no idea how thankful a…well, horrrorhound like me is for it!  Even though it’s the baby of the horror magazines on the market (this new issue is #16), it’s definitely as good, if not better, than all it’s competition!  By the time you read this posting, the new issue of Horrorhound should be on stands at your local Barnes and Noble, Borders, Books-A-Million, or whatever.

Originally intended to be an issue focusing on the upcoming The Werewolf remake (starring Benicio Del Toro), when that movie got delayed, the staff had to scramble and they put together what they call “the zombie issue” – Resident Evil 5 news, a Resident Evil retrospective, articles on the excellent DEAD SET and Tokyo Gore Police, and their usual features, like Video Invasion, where they look at the best companies producing horror movies during the video boom of the 80’s.

During your lunch break, hit a book store and pick up the new issue of Horrorhound!  Oh, and check back here Sunday (yes, Sunday!) for a VERY cool Resident Evil 5 announcement.  If you’re a gamer, you won’t regret it!