He-Man by Marko Djurdjevic!You may have seen these already, but damn…they’re really cool, so let’s check them out again!

I’m a big fan of Marko Djurdjevic’s art, despite having no idea how to pronounce his name out loud.  He’s done some great work for Marvel Comics.  His art is incredibly stylized and unique, and visually interesting.

Well, turns out, years ago, one of the assignments that got him a huge amount of popularity was to redesign the X-Men for series of tutorial art DVDs. The art was so popular that it caught the attention of Marvel Comics, who offered him an exclusive contract to produce illustrations for some of their title’s covers.

Well, turns out he’s having some fun with character redesigns again, this time with my beloved Masters of the Universe!  I really love the look of almost all of these designs, even the Skeletor one, which is probably the most drastic change.

Check out all the designs at You Bent My Wookie.

4 thoughts on “Cool crap around the web: He-Man Reimagined

  1. Some of these are amazing. I loved Merman, Trapjaw, and Triklops. But I’m really not digging Beastman, He-man or Skeletor.

    Beastman looks like the ASPCA should come pick him up.

    He-man looks withered and emo.

    Skeletor looks like he can’t wait to molest something…anything.

    Seriously, if you open up the He-man and Skeletor images and put them side by side, doesn’t it look like He-man is withered and depressed because Skeletor touched him in a bad place?

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