Because we don’t write about enough damn things on this blog, I’m adding food to the mix!

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I love how, at the beginning of the article, it sounds like a rather scaring commentary on a restaurant sure to kill you with its lard coated buns and scantilly clad waitresses.  Then the reporter eats a quadruple bypass burger, has his sweat wiped off by a half naked woman, and has his heart beat taken by a fake doctor who tries to take it on the wrong side of his chest.

I need to eat here!  For more on the Heart Attack Grill Diet Center, check out their official page.  Too bad they’re in Arizona and not, say…Hampton, Virginia.

Thanks to my buddy Scott for the link and to CBS News for showing a skinny guy eating four patties of meat and 8 slices of cheese.  Oh, but no fries.  Amateurs!

What’s biggest burger you’ve ever eaten?  Brag in the comments below!