Hey IOM’ers! Just like most of you, yeah, I watched the big game. Every second of it! But whether you watched for the game (which unbelievably topped last year’s) or the commercials, some of those 30 second nuggets were treasures, while some were just awful. So one has to ask: “What does it take to make a good/funny/memorable Super Bowl ad?” I have to admit, I tend to focus more on the good ones, whether they be funny, entertaining, or just plain memorable, as opposed to the bad or boring ones, which I tend to just block out of my mind. With that being said, here are my choices for the winners, those that successfully entertained, made me laugh, or just plain stuck in my mind. Also, as a note, I left out the movie spots…that’s a whole other deal. Enjoy!

Bud Light – Cutting Costs

This one was good, made me chuckle pretty well, and I’m a Miller Lite drinker! If you’ve ever been in these types of meetings, how many times have you thought to yourself how great an ice cold beer would be, and there it is…and this idiot dares to suggest getting rid of it to cut costs?!? He deserved his trip out the window. Hell, most people in those meetings do!

Audi – A6 Featuring Jason Statham

Any opportunity to see The Transporter do his thing is a winner in my book. No matter how bad a plot line may be (see: this commercial, Crank), he still makes them fun to watch. I’d see this guy in anything, whether he’s double pumping some guy full of lead John Woo-style, jumping out of a plane with no parachute, screwing his girl in the middle of the street to stay alive, driving the wheels off of a European driving machine, robbing a bank, or shining his shoes…count me in.

Doritos – Free Doritos Crystal Ball

Yeah, I know, kind of ridiculous, but the end was reminiscent of the Sprint phone security system ad from a few years ago, when the guy chucks his phone into his buddy’s face. That was pure Super-Bowl-ad-GOLD I tell you! This one involved a snow globe to the sack. And we could all use a few more snow-globes-to-the-sack on TV.

Bridgestone Tires – Mr. & Mrs. Potato Head in a Solstice

Really? When did my wife get cast in a commercial? I would SO take the angry eyes over the endless complaining…

Doritos – Crunchy!

Nice…a smokin’ hot chick getting stripped to her skivvies from the crunch of eating a Doritos corn chip? And she’s wearing hot lingerie including a garter belt? And her underwear all matches? Ok, since we’re in fantasyland now (because we all know it never matches!), I can see going for the cash in the ATM, but not before trying a second chip on the girl—there’s only one layer of clothes left man! He deserved to get hit by the bus. Big ups to Doritos for being the only double winner on the list.

Pepsi Max – Men Can Take Anything

OK, I’ll admit it, I love these. I’m not a Justin Timberlake fan, but his Pepsi ad last year, when he got clocked with a Plasma TV in front of too rather attractive young ladies? I must’ve watched it 20 times. This year Pepsi attacked all men in a style reminiscent of last year’s JT ad, but they took it to a whole new level. A 2×4 at 40 mph to the back? Check. A 3 wood to the head on the backswing? Got it. Bowling ball to the back of the head from 2 feet above, parking garage support girder to the head while standing out of the sunroof of a limo, electrically blasted from the top of a ladder down into the side of a trailer? All of your favorites were here.

E-Trade Baby

Need I say anything else? I LOVE the E-Trade baby. He may spit up on his keyboard occasionally, but that’s how I spell PIMP! Plus, his buddy sings Broken Wings, and Rick Springfield ROCKED! (Wait, did I just actually commit that to print? Oops…)  Shankopotamus!

Teleflora – What a Box of Flowers Says


Jay Leno – Jay’s New Not-Quite-Late-Night Show

It’s not about Jay, it’s about the car. A Shelby 427. One of the greatest automobiles ever made. EVER. If you get the chance, go check out the Shelby Factory just outside of Vegas. Better than Viagra!

LMAO – NBC Thursday Night Line-Up

“What happened to your butt?” Great line, should go down in history as one of the greatest of all time! Just kidding, but seeing the chick’s butt drop to the floor in her living room? Pretty darn effective.

I know I said I focus on the good ones, but I do have to mention my least favorite. The worst ad of the Super Bowl goes to…………………………………


Come on guys. Two years in a row with the worst ad? Just give up on the lizards. I know it’s your thing, but we already have the Geico Gecko, and at least he can be funny. Just stop. For your sake as much as ours. Not only does the ad not work, but it’s so bad it makes me want to never buy any because it’s so bad. Anti-Advertising. And I thought the election was over!

So let us know what you thought. What were your favorites? Agree or disagree, we want to know!