Hey everybody!

Jason Voorhees

I know this is short notice, but tomorrow, at the Chesapeake, VA public library, the guys at Fantasmo Cult Cinema Explosion will be showing a marathon of the first three Friday the 13th movies!  And Betsy Palmer (Mrs. Voorhees) will be on hand to participate via conference call!

From the official site:

Team Fantasmo presents a triple feature highlighting the Friday the 13th horror series. Arguably one of the greatest horror series of all time is the 80’s juggernaut Friday the 13th. It spawned 10 sequels, a TV series, numerous offshoots, and will be the subject of a remake in February. For this very special Fantasmo we’ll be screening the uncut version of the original, and the first (and best) sequel plus the original 3-D version of the third film. The original Friday the 13th villain Betsy Palmer (aka Jason’s mom) will be participating (via the magic of telephone).

The fun starts at 8!