My buddy sometimes says “You know, I could watch (good actor) eat for an hour and a half and think it’s awesome.”  I always thought it was a little weird because, well, how the hell can that be interesting?  Then I came across God’s gift to television.

Man Vs. Food!Man vs. Food!

To describe Man vs. Food would almost be to insult your intelligence.  There is no story, no character development to speak of.  No, see, Man vs. Food is about Adam Richman.  And Adam Richman eats.  And then he goes someplace else and eats again.  Then, he goes to another place and eats A LOT.

See, Richman travels the country looking for the best places that serve HUGE portions.  He goes to a couple of cool places that are kind of indicative of the area he’s in, then he seeks out the city’s toughest food challenge.

Apparently, Richman has a master’s degree from Yale University, and traveled the United States acting in many regional theatres, but who the hell cares?  What fascinates me is that the dude can EAT and is about the same size as I am!  I eat a Chick-Fil-A chicken sandwich and I gain two pounds.  This guy?

Adam Richman vs. The YetiThe dude has eaten a 13-pound pizza in Atlanta, a 72-ounce steak in Amarillo, and 15 DOZEN oysters in New Orleans!

And on top of all that, he seems like a really nice guy!  I don’t know what it is that fascinates me about this show, considering all the other shows about people eating (like No Reservations) I have no interest in.  Maybe because I’m fascinated with the challenges he takes on.  I mean, a 72 ounce steak?  Hell yeah I’d try it.  I’d probably die, but still!

And he gets the girls!Check out Man vs. Food tonight at 10 on the Travel Channel (there are repeats of previous episodes starting at 9)!  Be sure to post your comments here as to what you thought!