Yes folks, I survived. I watched Leprechaun 4-6 in a row and lived to tell the tale! Those who’ve read my review of the first trilogy were no doubt surprised I actually gave them halfway decent reviews. I mean, after all, these are horror flicks about a killer leprechaun. Still…they were better than I remember them being, so, to tell you the truth, I was actually almost looking forward to seeing the second half of the Leprechaun series.

So what did I think of these?

I did something a little different for this set of reviews.  Rather than go one and on about my thoughts on these…you know, masterpieces…I thought I’d actually briefly summarize the flicks, then give you the random thoughts that popped into my head while watching them.  It’s a little odd, but I think these thoughts describe the films better than I ever could try to!  I didn’t put a time code for these thoughts because, well, it’s Leprechaun, not Pearl Harbor, you know?

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Leprechaun 4 in SpaceLeprechaun 4 in Space:

Leprechaun 4 in Space was the first direct-to-video release of the Leprechaun series, and boy does it show.  A group of space marines are saving a hostage (an alien princess) from an evil alien.  Well, turns out the evil alien is the leprechaun, and he’s trying to find a new bride.  They blow up the leprechaun and save the princess, but the leprechaun stows away in the…well, the penis of one the marines.  When the time is right, he pops out (heh) and starts taking out the crew of the space station.  As bad as it sounds, it’s actually a lot of fun.  So what was I thinking while watching this work of art?

  • Wow…space marines.  This is like a low-budget Alien rip off.
  • How can they afford to make someone a cyborg, but they can’t afford to cover his entire cranium? I guess his name, Sgt. Metal Head Hooker, makes sense now.
  • Holy crap it’s Miguel Nunez, Jr. from Street Fighter (the JCVD one!)!
  • So aliens look human…how the hell did Leprechaun get in space? Apparently glitter makes one an alien.
  • I love how the leprechaun first pops up wearing a tux.  Like he can find one of those in space.
  • Amiga Video Toaster special defects at their best!
  • Ha! She threw bread at his head.  Guess that isn’t one of his weaknesses.
  • When did he change out of his tux? The leprechaun lightsaber is awesome!
  • A laser shootout with the leprechaun!!! How did this movie not win an Oscar? And then he jumps on the grenade to save his woman captive? Pretty selfless.
  • When did the production values get so bad? It looks like the night club on this space ship has one table in it and some Ikea kitchen chairs.
  • “Shake hands with the big guy!” Remind me to say this during sex.
  • The fact that the leprechaun comes out of the guy’s exploded penis, then makes a condom joke, is probably the funniest thing I’ve ever seen. Then he follows it up with a Clint Eastwood impression and doesn’t even twirl his gun correctly! They couldn’t do another take on that shot?
  • The doctor has a foot fetish? When the hell did that happen?
  • Haha! The stars in outer space are just Christmas lights!
  • The second leprechaun explosion in this film!
  • They have a doorbell on the lab?
  • “Take a bite out of this!” Leprechaun whips out a gun for another shootout!!! Bwah-haha! Isn’t this guy magic or something? What’s up wih the gun?
  • And now explosives? When did the leprechaun get so into heavy artillery?
  • Over an hour in and the leprechaun JUST remembered his stolen gold?
  • Ha…”Bitch!” Considering how bad the leprechaun wants a bride, he sure seems to not be able to pick a good one.
  • “I’ll neutralize something for ya!” A third shootout with the Leprechaun!
  • Haha…they made the leprechaun a giant! The special defects are amazing. Apparently making the leprechaun a giant also makes him blurry.
  • Wait…when did the lead guy lose his shirt? Heh…giant leprechaun just called him “short arse.”
  • And now the lead girl lost her pants. Next time I’m in space, I’m layering.
  • Who keeps liquid nitrogen next to the control panel? Couldn’t they store it someplace else? Like the club with one table?
  • How did outer space blow the leprechaun up? Love those special defects…when he explodes, they cut to stock footage of an interior explosion. They don’t even TRY to hide it.
  • How did THIS explosion kill the leprechaun, but the other hundred didn’t?

Paul's Awesomeness Score - 7Paul’s Awesomeness Score – 7 out of 10! (yes, really!)

Leprechaun in the HoodLeprechaun in the Hood

Leprechaun in the Hood is just bad.  Politically incorrect racial stereotypes, bad jokes, and poor production values.  Still, apparently it was a hit.  Anyway, in this one the leprechaun has a golden flute – a man named Mack Daddy steals it from him back in the 70’s and uses its magical powers to get rich.  Years later, a group of wannabe rappers steal the flute from Mack Daddy and use it to try and get rich.  Problem is, when they steal it, they accidentally unleash the leprechaun from his stone prison – now they have to deal with an angry Mack Daddy and an angry leprechaun.

  • “No one is safe from a Lep in the Hood” bwa-haha!
  • Ice-T is in this film. It’s gotta be good. With an afro! Treasure hunting…in the hood.
  • The leprechaun is stone again in this one, but I guess they couldn’t get the same prop from part 2. This one is much crappier.
  • Uh oh…the golden flute. Another stupid leprechaun weakness?
  • Did he really just kill a guy with his hair pick? Yup.
  • Ice-T keeps a knife in his afro…and a bat. And seems to think he can get to Motown with his…golden flute?
  • Postmaster P and Stray Bullet are the main characters; names…who wrote this movie?
  • Apparently, the film takes place in Compton. When they say “the hood,” they mean “THE hood.”
  • The racial stereotypes in the movie are overwhelming…who the hell read this script and thought, “I’d love this role!”
  • “Shoot yo’ mutha f*ckin’ homeboy in the face type sh*t.” Classy.
  • So, Mack Daddy steals the leprechaun’s golden flute, turns him back to stone, then brings the statue to his office? Uh…why?
  • I love how we don’t even see Postmaster P grapple with the decision to break his strong moral code and steal from Mack Daddy. He just shows up, ready to commit crimes.
  • Wait…where did wannabe rappers get remote detonated plastic explosives?
  • Uh oh…some dumbass just stole the amulet from the statue. Apparently the BOX FULL OF GOLD on the desk wasn’t enough.
  • The Leprechaun is back and getting shot up, Robocop style!
  • In all these years, the leprechaun has never seen weed? Well, apparently he likes it.  And rap music too.
  • Okay…so at which stores can you purchase an audio system with leprechaun gold? And, if you stole a whole lot of gold, why would you go to a pawn shop for equipment? Go to Best Buy.
  • “Chow no fake the funk.” Infinitely quotable.
  • How did the leprechaun get ho’s so fast?
  • This movie is awful.
  • How did the leprechaun kill Chow? By choking him? Lame.
  • Why are Postmaster P and his buddies rapping with a drag queen?
  • Now they’re having a concert on the drag queen’s patio? The third guy doesn’t even have a microphone. Did they not tell him he needed one?
  • The drag queen is hitting on the leprechaun! She doesn’t notice that he’s horribly deformed?
  • “That li’l green mutha f*ckas out there.”
  • Did the fat guy just make a homemade bomb? Like Maguyver?
  • And now blind people jokes. Classy.
  • Was there a point to visiting Postmaster’s grandmother?
  • Okay…the church scene looks like it was filmed in the Trimark offices or something.
  • Holy crap. Coolio! Playing himself!
  • And now they’re rapping about Jesus. And somehow they have rap music playing, even though there is no equipment in the church.
  • They spend way too much time focusing on characters who are not the leprechaun.
  • Finally! Someone died!
  • Ah…Stray Bullet. We’ll miss thee.
  • So…the leprechaun let Postmaster go, but is going to kill his grandmother?
  • A blind person is feeding a leprechaun because his hands are too small.  Now that’s funny.
  • “Leprechauns is rumored to be the dark elves o’ Satan.”
  • A joint made with four leaf clovers!
  • “Leprechaun for Dummies.” I need this book.
  • Apparently the zombie fly girls have been sacrificing ho’s to the leprechaun.
  • Seriously? They only way they can think of to infiltrate the leprechaun’s lair is to dress like women?
  • This movie is awful.
  • Wait…I thought these were zombie fly girls. Clover weed cures them of being DEAD?
  • The leprechaun has the sh*ttiest hotel room I’ve ever seen.
  • The leprechaun just asked for head! This movie is awful.
  • The leprechaun gets lower tech in every film. He needs an elevator? Can’t he just, ya know, transport or something?
  • “The lep is the real OG!”
  • Love how the amulet keeps falling onto the leprechaun. He could just, ya know, move.
  • Did he just say “they f*cked my neck” in a rap song?
  • Leprechaun rap!!!!!! Better than “Go Ninja Go!” I need the soundtrack to this movie.
  • This is the worst rap song ever.
  • God, that was awful.

Paul's Awesomness Score - 3Paul’s Awesomeness Score – 3 out of 10 (I gave it an extra point for the Leprechaun rap!)

Leprechaun Back 2 Tha HoodLeprechaun: Back 2 The Hood

After watching Leprechaun in the Hood, I really wanted to take a break from the series and come back a day later.  I wasn’t sure I could handle another film of that awfulness so soon after the other one.  Still, I figured that the day was already screwed, so I might as well just continue on, no matter  how bad it was.  Turns out Leprechaun: Back 2 Tha Hood not only has nothing to do with the previous one, it’s really darn good!  The leprechaun is scarier, there’s less comedy, characters you actually kind of care about.  I hate to say it, but the flick is actually worth checking out!

  • This is the best opening in the series. Guess they made enough money from the last one. Shockingly.
  • Okay…so the intro makes it sound like there’s been only one Leprechaun this entire time.
  • The leprechaun’s lookin’ worse for wear. Guess living the life of a rap star after the last one hasn’t been kind to him.
  • You know…pretty decent so far.
  • Did that lady really ask for a Julia Roberts haircut? What year is this?
  • “It’s Powerade mutha f*cka. That’s why you don’t drop out of school before you learn to read.”
  • “Ninja please!”
  • What’s up with this guy’s hair?  He looks like that Lando guy from Babylon 5.
  • “My ninja!”
  • Wow…that’s a, um…thick rainbow.
  • A year later and no one has fallen through the rickety wood under the construction site where the leprechaun was trapped?
  • The leprechaun’s gold glows like the case in Pulp Fiction!
  • They’re tossing around the gold like it’s nothing. Didn’t the dude JUST say each piece was worth more than five grand? I’d be guarding each piece like a … well, like a leprechaun.
  • She has GOLD…and she buys a used car.
  • I love this…this guy is walking down the street with two trash bags full of weed and the kids are jumping for them. Kids love their ganja!
  • They’re walking down the street with gift bags trying to make them look like shopping bags. Stupid prop department.
  • “Are ya’ll f*ckin?” Do people really ask each other stuff like that?
  • There you go…leprechaun loves his weed!
  • He killed a guy with a bong. Hell to the yes!
  • I could watch a stoned leprechaun with the munchies for an hour and a half.
  • Oh. My. God. She had a gold tooth made out of leprechaun gold.
  • Okay…the leprechaun just teleported. Coulda used that in the last one.
  • Man, I hate CGI fire.
  • This is much better than the last one.
  • Man…the leprechaun really gets his @$$ kicked, doesn’t he? This girl burned his eye out with a curling iron, then smashed his face with a stereo or something, then her boyfriend hits him with a bat. Poor guy. I’d probably kill people too!
  • The leprechaun likes to use the front door in this movie. He’s lost a little bit of the flair he used to have.
  • Whoa. Where did this chick get a sawed-off shotgun? Do all people keep those on their beds?
  • Did the leprechaun really just walk all that way? Whoa…don’t make fun of a leprechaun’s mom or he’ll kick your @$$.
  • You know what he should have done with the cops instead of fighitng them hand to hand? A shootout, Leprechaun in Space style!
  • Ha! He can’t reach the pedals in the cop car! Shoulda gotten a go-kart instead.
  • Could they just not afford night shooting? Why do we see the leprechaun so much during the day? It’s not scary!
  • Look how offended the leprechaun is! Don’t pick up your cell phone while he’s trying to kill you!
  • That is one fake looking heart.
  • I know that they are two different actors, but the leprechaun in this looks a lot like Gwildor from the He-Man movie.
  • In the last movie, they used “Leprechaun for Dummies.” In this one, they have some ancient tome. I’d rather have “Leprechaun for Dummies.”
  • Back to the four leaf clover as his weakness.
  • Holy. Crap. Four leaf clover bullets. This is like The Monster Squad.
  • But they didn’t do much. Oh well.
  • Pretty cool ending, actually. They didn’t cut away to stock footage of an explosion. Actually, the leprechaun didn’t explode at all in this movie!
  • Why is there so much fist fighting and kicking with the leprechaun?
  • If four leaf clovers hurt him so bad, why is it taking so many bullets to put him down?
  • Jeez…the gun is out of bullets AGAIN?
  • Wait…what killed him? Wet cement?

Paul's Awesomeness Score - 7Paul’s Awesomeness Score – 7 out of 10!

Kinda makes me sad there’s no more Leprechaun movies for me to watch.  Maybe I’ll pop in the Warlock series next!  Any suggestions?  What did you guys think of this style of review?  Talkback below!

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