president-awesomeI’m not really sure what I think about this.  Dean Trippe, the creator of Project Rooftop, and artist Evan Bryce bring us President Awesome, a web comic.

This weekly series will faithfully satirize the 44th President of the United States as he preserves, protects, and defends the Constitution of the United States to the best of his ability.

I’m hoping that we actually see real satire there and not just more glowing adoration as we’ve seen in other comics.

I mean, It’s great to live in a world where Americans are so overwhelmingly positive and optimistic about their President.  It’s a welcome change over the recent decades of cynicism.  Rather like a tall glass of lemonade on a hot summer day.

Now, I’ll admit it.  President Obama is a freakin’ rock star.  You couldn’t watch his election night victory speech and not recognize that simple fact.  He ascended to superstardom at the inauguration.

He is just a man, tho.

If we continue to elevate him, it’ll just hurt all the more when he disappoints us.  And he will disappoint us.  It’s what men do.

I’m not saying he’ll do anything wrong, immoral, or illegal.  Just one day, the bloom will be off the rose.  He’ll break our hearts.  What a miserable lot we’ll be on that day.