Flash GordonI’m still waiting on word from my last edition of “What the heck,” in which I try to seek out information on the new Skulduggery Pleasant book.  While we wait for word back on that one, though, I have a new question for you…

What the heck, Ardden Entertainment?

If you don’t know who Ardden Entertainment is, I feel sorry for the sad, empty life you must lead.  Ardden Entertainment publishes the excellent new Flash Gordon series, written by Brendan Deneen with fantabulous art by Paul Green.

The main problem with the Flash Gordon series is how damn hard it is to find.  I’ve actually had to order 2 of the 3 issues through the company’s official website, which is typically a great source of information and getting all those cool incentive covers.

Ardden’s new take on Flash Gordon is fun and fresh, without losing the essence of what makes the character great.  Let’s just forget that Sci-Fi Channel series, shall we?  This one features the Ming the Merciless we expect to see.  Imposing, romantic, a ladies man who you can believe could convince the world he’s trusting enough to rule them, all the while being a cruel leader.  Flash is great, Dale is great…I don’t think there’s a single thing about this coming that I don’t like.

The Merlin ConspiraciesSo, when I heard that Ardden is putting out a new comic book, The Merlin Prophecies, I rushed to their official site to try and order the NYCC exclusive #0 issue.

The site’s down.

It has been for at least a week now.

Where is my beloved Ardden Entertainment?

UPDATE:  Mere hours after this story was written, Ardden-Entertainment.com is back up and running!  Pure coincidence, more than likely, but go check out their site for some cool comics!