A pic for the ladies!

Hell to the yes!!!!

Apparently, yesterday the CW ordered another season of Supernatural, the greatest show on television that isn’t Battlestar Galactica!

Haven’t seen Supernatural?  Well, then we can’t be friends anymore.  Seriously.  Don’t call me anymore until you’ve purchased the first three seasons from Amazon.

Supernatural is the ongoing adventure of Dean and Sam Winchester, brothers who travel the country finding the things that go bump in the night and, well…shooting them.  It’s a great show, with a pretty cool mythology surrounding it.  Plus, it’s not afraid to show the gore – in one of the episodes we see a guy land on a table saw and it cuts him straight through!  Awesomeness pie!

And for the ladies who think they’d rather watch Grey’s Anatomy on Thursday nights at 9 instead of flipping over to the CW, I humbly present to you the photo at right.  Forget that loser McDreamy guy – when the hell did he ever sleep with a girl who turned out to be a werewolf, then have to shoot her with silver bullets?


Supernatural.  9pm.  CW.  Thursdays.  Check it.

3 thoughts on “WWJPD (What Would Jared Padalecki Do?)

  1. I would like to inform you that I take offense to your insinuation that ‘the ladies’ would watch Grey’s Anatomy instead of Supernatural. Nice sexism there Paula Ponte! Supernatural is agreeably one of the best shows on TV and it’s not just because the guys are hot. (Lets not pretend that they put ugly women on that show either, by the way.) Some women, such as myself, do like shows with a bit more substance to them than one that has characters named McDreamy and McSteamy. By the way, I’ve never seen said Greys Anatomy show.
    We have all the seasons of Supernatural so we’re friends right? Although, I’m not sure I can be your friend if you thin Battelstar Gallactica is even near as awesome.
    OK, rant done….you may proceed! But next time, post the picture of Jared in a towel. 🙂

  2. Hi Arielle,

    You’re totally correct. I meant that only the “lame” ladies would be watching Grey’s Anatomy instead of Supernatural. Surely you knew you were excluded!

  3. In Paul’s defense, he clearly pointed out “the ladies who think they’d rather watch Grey’s Anatomy”, not, “ALL WOMEN EVER”.

    I’ve watched the show since it first came on and it’s one of my favorites! But ever since it came back from the winter hiatus this year, it’s pretty much sucked. Especially that one episode about the family in the house with the cannibal kids in the basement…
    Now it’s on hiatus again for some reason. What’s it been, three weeks so far? :

    Glad to hear it’s been picked up for a 5th though, I was kind of worried it’d gotten canned or something.

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