A pic for the ladies!

Hell to the yes!!!!

Apparently, yesterday the CW ordered another season of Supernatural, the greatest show on television that isn’t Battlestar Galactica!

Haven’t seen Supernatural?  Well, then we can’t be friends anymore.  Seriously.  Don’t call me anymore until you’ve purchased the first three seasons from Amazon.

Supernatural is the ongoing adventure of Dean and Sam Winchester, brothers who travel the country finding the things that go bump in the night and, well…shooting them.  It’s a great show, with a pretty cool mythology surrounding it.  Plus, it’s not afraid to show the gore – in one of the episodes we see a guy land on a table saw and it cuts him straight through!  Awesomeness pie!

And for the ladies who think they’d rather watch Grey’s Anatomy on Thursday nights at 9 instead of flipping over to the CW, I humbly present to you the photo at right.  Forget that loser McDreamy guy – when the hell did he ever sleep with a girl who turned out to be a werewolf, then have to shoot her with silver bullets?


Supernatural.  9pm.  CW.  Thursdays.  Check it.