Mrs Head
Halloween 2001 - Funny Lady

Nine years ago today, Suzanne and I were married. Surrounded by friends and family, we exchanged vows embarking on life’s journey together. We share a great deal.

We are both hardcore readers and each have an abiding passion for quality TV, music, fine food and wine, Church, and board games.  She does not; however, share my overwhelming fascination with things geek.

Suzanne could care less about comics.  She has no opinion at all about Final Crisis.  She can’t tell you what red Kryptonite does to Superman.  When I talk about choosing sides in the Civil War, she thinks I’m referring to the North and South.

Suzanne has never seen Star Wars all the way through and fails to understand my adamance in regard to Han shooting first.  This week?  I had to explain the Jar Jar jokes in Big Bang to her.

When I go off about how Padme had it coming to her, after all she knowingly married a mass-murderer and they’re Sand People, y’know, not Sand Monsters… she stares at me as if her Babel Fish slipped out of her ear.

Here’s the thing, as alien as my interests are to her and as disinterested as she is in my hobbies, she support my love of them.  Encourages me, even, creating an environment where I can chase my geek.

She’ll remind me when it’s been awhile since I’ve gamed.  When I feel like there’s too many other things to do, she’s the one who assures me there’s time for it.  She’s baked cake for me and my gamers.

Suzanne has brought me lunch to conventions so I didn’t have to eat crappy con food.   She’s offered to take my swag with her so I wouldn’t have to be bogged down with it thereby freeing me to get more stuff!

Suzanne doesn’t understand my hobbies, but she knows  the pleasure they bring to me.  She chooses to be supportive of my interests.  On top of all that, she loves me, nurtures me, laughs at (most of) my jokes, and is only occasionally embarassed by my behavior.

I am one lucky geek.

I love you, Suzanne.