Batman and Robin #1Sorry, not going to give it away here.  You’re going to have to read after the jump to find out!

Tony Daniel (the current writer/artist of Battle for the Cowl) posted on his blog yesterday (the posting was removed later in the day, and now the blog is down entirely) some redesign ideas for the Batman and Robin costumes.  Apparently the Batman one was a no-go, as it was all black and DC didn’t want to go that route again.  They used some of his ideas for Robin though, including the hood we see little Damian Wayne (er…I’m assuming) wearing on the cover to Batman and Robin #1 (at right).

So who’s going to be the new Bats?  Well, keep reading to find out!

As will come as no surprise to anyone, it’s Dick Grayson.  On the right side of the image, you’ll see the notes Daniels wrote, one of which states “Pitch black cape can envelope Dick & hide him completely.”  It’s the third bullet point.

Batman Redesign by Tony Daniels

So…Dick Grayson and Damian Wayne are the new Batman and Robin, which I’m guessing makes Tim Drake Red Robin.  So what about Jason Todd?  Maybe he croaks again…we can only hope.  I’m gonna miss someone being in the Nightwing costume.

What are your thoughts?