Snake Eyes Mighty MuggsI went to Target today for two things – cat litter and toilet paper.

I walked out with WAY more.  Apparently, Mighty Muggs released a set of G.I. Joe figures.  These are way beyond the coolest thing I’ve ever seen.  I picked up all four that I could find.

Someone had Snake Eyes and Storm Shadow hidden in the Star Wars Mighty Muggs.  Sorry dude…I found them and bought them.

The thing about Mighty Muggs action figures is that once you buy one, you can’t stop.  I’ve got a little Avengers collection going, an Indiana Jones, and now, probably cooler than both of those combined…G.I. Joe.

If you didn’t know these were out, check out your local Target.  They cost about 11 bucks.  Now you know.  And knowing is half the battle.

More pictures of awesomeness after the jump.

G.I. Joe Mighty MuggsDuke G.I. Joe Mighty MuggsCobra Commander G.I. Joe Mighty MuggsStorm Shadow G.I. Joe Mighty MuggsG.I. Joe Mighty Muggs set