Succession Wars: Lots and lots of little chits...

After wrapping up my turn in Don’t Rest Your Head, I moved over to my next game, Succession Wars.

Succession Wars is an eighties era,  out-of-print number from now-defunct FASA.  It’s a turn-based strategy game combining elements of territory grabs (ala Risk) and player negotiations (e.g. Diplomacy) with a healthy application of Battletech backstory applied.

Succession Wars has some crunchy rules, and they were a little overwhelming for this newbie.  Fortunately, the game was enthusiastically reffed by Chris Hussey.  The table full of experienced players, who – while otherwise bent on my utter destruction – were remarkably instructive.

Lucky me, I drew House Liao which is the most challenging territory to play as I was given to understand (and have since observed).


I got my ass handed to me.

It was a whole lot of fun – and surprisingly quick to learn.  I realized most of my mistakes early on.  Largely due to the carnage raining down ‘pon my head.  Live and learn, I guess.  Or just learn.  The enemies of House Liao were not so concerned with the royal family continuing to “live” in the traditional sense.

Lots and lots of fun.