Ideology of Madness Invades Dallas Sci-Fi Expo!

This pack weekend in an unusually cold Dallas, Texas, thousands of fans gathered at the Irving Convention Center to attend Dallas SciFi Expo, a two-day event featuring some of the biggest stars in current and past SciFi television and movies. Among the celebrities attending were Stephen Amell (TV’s Arrow), Karen Gillen (Doctor Who), Karl Urban […]

St. Louis Comicon Coverage 5

Closing Thoughts Based on the tone of these articles it should come as no surprise that Wizard World St. Louis was a resounding success in my eyes.  That doesn’t mean that everything was done right and that there is no room for improvement though.  The biggest disappointment about this convention was the lack of current […]

St. Louis Comicon Coverage 4

The Costume Contest The costume contest was one of the best organized and fastest moving I have been to.  There were approximately 200 contestants and the line to get into the room twisted around two halls.  Despite this once the contest started there was no delays.  The contestants were sent down the isles and told […]

St. Louis Comicon Coverage 3

The Celebrities In the back of the Vendor Hall there was a section of tables with rope lines setup for Wizard World’s celebrity guests.  These tables were used for autographs and pictures were explicitly forbidden in this area.  Some of the celebrities also had paid meet and greet sessions as well as free Q&A sessions.  […]

St. Louis Comicon Coverage 2

The Vendor Hall and Artist Alley The Vendor Hall took up the three largest rooms in the Convention center combined.  The first section was dedicated to the ticketing area.  There were ques for regular tickets, press, VIP, Special tickets, and Groupons.  These lines were almost always empty as the staff worked very quickly to process […]

St. Louis Comicon Coverage I

First Impressions, Venue, and Logistics When I heard that St. Louis was getting a Wizard World convention I knew that I had to cover it for Funnybooks.  This was by far the largest comic book convention that St. Louis has hosted to date in regards to size and attendance.  Over the course of this week […]

Funnybooks with Aron and Paulie: I Blame Tim!

The CW’s Arrow Superman announcements (Andy Diggle/Tony Daniel On Action Comics, and Scott Snyder on Man of Steel) Kieron Gillen on Young Avengers Nick Spencer’s Secret Avengers The Goon Movie Kickstarter New Season One OGNs Batman #13 Batgirl #13 Batman And Robin #13 AvX: Consequences #1 Fantastic Four #611 Scarlet Spider #10 Uncanny Avengers #1 […]