I’m at the hotel where most of the out-of-towners are staying. It’s the Best Western in St Charles, Mo. It kinda sucks.

The FtB discussion forums have seen a lot of discussion about how the hotel botched reservations in advance of the con. I experienced some of that myself. They lost my first reservation. When I confirmed last week, I had to re-book. At the desk today, they had me set for two rooms.

Internets work lots better than last year tho.

Chad has stated on the FtB boards that they’re using a different hotel next year.

Check the image at the bottom. It is a note taped over the peep hole in the door to the outside hallway. It reads: “In backwards. Can see into room but not see out.”

How nice of them to let me know about that! That’s service! Of course, now I have no way of knowing if it’s actually a CandyGram at the door or the Land Shark.