The new Wolverine trailer just premiered this morning online and you can watch it below, courtesy of MTV.  Not sure what to make of this one yet.  I love Hugh Jackman, I love the X-Men, and everybody loves Wolverine…but this film looks a lot like Elektra to me, and that wasn’t the best comic book movie.  Still, could prove me wrong.  It’s got Ryan Reynolds, so at least I know the wife will want to see it.

What say you, MadFans?  We’ll find out May 1st, when X-Men Origins: Wolverine hits theaters, I guess!

2 thoughts on “Eh…Terminator looks better

  1. So is this a prequel or what? Why is Cyclops in it if Wolverine didn’t meet him until the first X-Men? Did they just decide “Screw it, we’ll just make a Wolverine movie and cast Hugh Jackman again.”
    Why isn’t Deadpool in costume?

    Looks incredibly Meh, really. Solid Snake probably didn’t even write the script.

  2. It seems to suffer from the same thing X3 did, the need to cram it full of mutants to hide the fact that they only have 30 minutes worth of story. This is disappointing as I was looking forward to the movie.

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