Full Moon's April Fool's Day Sale!As you may have noticed by the lovely little ad on the top right of our page, your friends at Ideology of Madness are now an affiliate of those awesome folks at Full Moon Features!  Don’t know who Full Moon Features are?  Check out my article about creator Charles Band here!  Now is the perfect time to pick up some Full Moon goodies too as, as you can tell from the image to the right, they are having an awesome sale this Wednesday, April 1st!

What are the deals you can get?  How about BUY TWO GET ONE FREE ON EVERYTHING! Yes, that means that if you buy 2 box sets (let’s say the Puppet Master series and the Trancers series), you can get another box set (like the Subspecies series) for FREE!!!!!  And the best part?  Every single item ordered will be signed by producer/director CHARLES BAND!

New to Full Moon and don’t know where to start?  Here are some suggestions:

  • The Puppet Master Box Set – $100, but it has all seven Puppet Master films and a disc of Full Moon trailers!
  • The Stuart Gordon Box Set – $49.95, and it has The Pit and the Pendulum, starring Lance Henriksen!
  • Dollman/Demonic Toys Box Set – $39.95, and Demonic Toys is written by DAVID GOYER (Dark Knight)!

By the way, yes, if you buy the first two, that third one is FREE!!!!!  Looking for a cheaper intro to the world of Full Moon?

  • EVIL BONG $19.95, starring Tommy Chong and Robin Syndey (nummies!)
  • Gingerdead Man $19.95, starring Gary Busey as a killer Gingerbread Man!!!!!
  • The Dead Hate the Living – $9.99, and absolutely one of the best DTV zombie films you’ll ever see!
  • William Shatner’s Fright Night: Vampire Journals – $14.98, one of Full Moon’s best films, hosted by the Shat!
  • The Killer Eye – $9.99, if like your women naked and molested by tentacles, this is YOUR movie!

Trust me, you’re going to love these films, especially since we’ll be talking to Full Moon mastermind Charles Band later this week!

Start planning your purchase here!  Anybody who purchases from Full Moon Pictures through IoM will get a special gift from us here at IoM!