House of the Dead: OverkillWarning: MAJOR SPOILERS.  If you care about the ending of the game, don’t continue reading.  Seriously though…you should.  You might thank me for the warning.

I loved the hell out of House of the Dead: Overkill.  The fact that every sentence contains “Mother F*cker” in it causes me to cuss more.  It even causes my wife to cuss more.  Hell, I want to say mother f*cker right now.  Mother f*cker.  Heh.  It’s a blast being able to shoot mother f*ckin’ zombies in a variety of locations without having to leave the house and pop a bunch of quarters into an arcade machine.  Sure, House of the Dead 2 and 3 have already been released on the Wii…but those are so hard!

Anyway, the fact that the game is called Overkill should have been a hint, but I was totally unprepared for the ending.  The entire game is done in that classic sleazy Grindhouse style, with scratches and missing reels … just like the Tarantino/Rodriguez flick.  It’s a lot of fun!

When the main villain of the game is introduced, it’s pretty obvious the guy has mommy issues.  Then when he makes out with his decaying old mother, I was grossed out.  Then his mom gets injected with mutant drugs and becomes a giant who literally gives birth to zombie bad guys by squatting directly in front of you and…well, yeah.  Finally, you get to shoot the hell out of the old bag and she falls back on the ground, legs spread open.  Um…Yeah.

Well, we’re treating to a conversation with the mad scientist where he admits defeat and asks but one request … to return to the womb.  A couple of squishy sounds later, we’re totally grossed out and the good guys fly away in a helicopter before the secret labatory explodes.

Gotta hand it to Sega.  They may not be Nintendo’s competition anymore, but they sure know how to say “screw Nintendo Wii’s family-friendly reputation!”

Wanna see the grossness?  You know you do!  We hooked you up (well, Youtube did) after the jump.  Oh yeah, totally NSFW, so turn it up and invite your cube mates!