Have a Grudge on your Wii!

Heh.  Not quite as dirty as I wanted it to sound, but it works. Coming this October exclusively to the Nintendo Wii is Ju-On: The Grudge, a game described as a “haunted house simulator,” based on the theme and the world of Takashi Shimuzu’s movie series of the same name.  Apparently Shimuzu has been very […]

Nintendo tasting its own ‘shrooms’?

It seems the plumber has gotten a taste of absolute power, and is reveling in it.  With his cheaper price tag and familiar name, the plump Italian has outdone his competitors by a large mushroom sized margin. Over 29 million XBOX 360’s sold to this day?  Pennies.  Wii has shipped over 50 million units despite […]

Mutha F*ckin' House of the Dead: OverKill

Warning: MAJOR SPOILERS.  If you care about the ending of the game, don’t continue reading.  Seriously though…you should.  You might thank me for the warning. I loved the hell out of House of the Dead: Overkill.  The fact that every sentence contains “Mother F*cker” in it causes me to cuss more.  It even causes my […]