The Chronicles of RiddickIESB posted some fantastic news this week!

…Diesel’s Riddick is a badass and is coming back to the big screen shortly in the next Riddick film with a rumored release date of 2010.

IESB has some inside information about the film to share.

Universal Pictures, the studio behind the franchise, is gung-ho about a Riddick sequel due to the huge tracking of Diesel’s FAST & FURIOUS due out April 3 co-starring Paul Walker.

IESB is hearing the new Riddick film will be more down and dirty with less “fantasy epic stuff” to deal with. A bounty hunter/space pirate type of story line is expected.

The film will have a capped budget of around $35 million.

Expect an official announcement about the new film after FAST & FURIOUS opens big on April 3….

I actually had a Chronicles of Riddick triple feature the other day (Pitch Black, Dark Fury, and Chronicles of Riddick itself, which is sorely missing a subtitle), and the films seem to get better each time I watch them.  I can’t believe that they could do another Riddick film for only $35 million, especially after the last film’s budget of $105 million.  Still, Pitch Black only took $23 million to make, so this will probably be closer in tone to that film, which wouldn’t be a bad thing.

Make sure to pick up the Riddick when it comes out in April to help make sure that we get to see this film!

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