The Chronicles of RiddickIESB posted some fantastic news this week!

…Diesel’s Riddick is a badass and is coming back to the big screen shortly in the next Riddick film with a rumored release date of 2010.

IESB has some inside information about the film to share.

Universal Pictures, the studio behind the franchise, is gung-ho about a Riddick sequel due to the huge tracking of Diesel’s FAST & FURIOUS due out April 3 co-starring Paul Walker.

IESB is hearing the new Riddick film will be more down and dirty with less “fantasy epic stuff” to deal with. A bounty hunter/space pirate type of story line is expected.

The film will have a capped budget of around $35 million.

Expect an official announcement about the new film after FAST & FURIOUS opens big on April 3….

I actually had a Chronicles of Riddick triple feature the other day (Pitch Black, Dark Fury, and Chronicles of Riddick itself, which is sorely missing a subtitle), and the films seem to get better each time I watch them.  I can’t believe that they could do another Riddick film for only $35 million, especially after the last film’s budget of $105 million.  Still, Pitch Black only took $23 million to make, so this will probably be closer in tone to that film, which wouldn’t be a bad thing.

Make sure to pick up the Riddick when it comes out in April to help make sure that we get to see this film!

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2 thoughts on “New Riddick! Yay!

  1. Pitch Black is one of my favorite films, but I hated Chronicles of Riddick. How do you go from a movie about a serial killer on a planet of man-eating goddamn monsters to a big CGI PG-13 sci-fi wannabe epic with an evil race trying to take over the galaxy and shi…
    And Furyans? Because he’s FULL OF FURY. Come on! That’s lame. And his first name is Richard. And he was thrown in a liquor store dumpster after he was born. Some exotic alien race they were.

    Rrrrr. Hated that movie. So much.

    This new one sounds enticing though. I hope it’s a lot more like Pitch Black and Butcher Bay, and a LOT less like Chronicles.

  2. Haha…you know, as much as I actually loved Chronicles of Riddick, I did roll my eyes when his race was known as the Furyans.

    $35 mil sounds like a lot to me, but in Hollywood terms, frickin’ Twilight took $37 million to make and the only special effect in that was…damn, was there anything? Still, I’ve got faith in Twohy!

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