The Director, From Halloween Horror Nights 2003
The Director, From Halloween Horror Nights 2003

So…crap.  In 2003, 2007, and 2008, the wife and I have been making a big anniversary thing out of going to Universal Studios in October (we got married on October 18th) for their annual Halloween Horror Nights event.  I’ve never been to haunted houses as elaborate and scary as the ones we’ve seen down there.  2007, (of course the year we brought friends) was probably my least favorite of the three, mostly because the main mascots for that year were Freddy, Leatherface, and Jason.  I prefer it when Universal creates an original icon, or a unique spin on a classic one (like 2003’s The Director, or 2008’s Bloody Mary).

So excited were the wife and I from last year’s HHN that, during our trip, we booked the hotel room for this year’s event.  The main thing about HHN is that they don’t announce the theme until about August of the same year, so, those hoping to book early kind of take their chances on whether the theme will be a good one or not.

Well…looks like this one may not be my fave.  Haunted Attractions UK did an interview with producer Mark Burg of the Saw Franchise, mostly about the Saw ride at Thorpe Park.  Still, right at the end of the interview was some interesting news…

HA: Oh yes? Anything you can tell us about?

MB: Yes this is very exciting – we have just signed a deal with Universal to bring Jigsaw and the world of Saw to Halloween Horror Nights this fall, both in Orlando and LA. I know in previous years they have had Freddy Kruger and Leatherface well this time Jigsaw gets to do his thing! Watch for more information coming soon!

Ugh!  I have no qualms about making my distaste of the Saw franchise known.  My only hope is that Saw will just be a house in the overall theme of the park (like last year’s Doomsday house), instead of the theme of the entire event.

What say you, gore fiends?  Anyone planning on going this year?