2 thoughts on “Only 5 more days to win a free Resident Evil 5!

  1. I have no love for zombies.. hence why I love to blast the gooey inards all over the friggin place. But one of the grossest moments of zombie carnage that I have seen comes from a movie called Land of the Dead. I felt REAL sorry for that guy named “Mouse.” Resident Evil “re-make” scared the shit out of me too… haha stupid crimson heads! I never expected a zombie to be scarier than it kinda already was… I filled my pants the first time I saw a crimson head because of the fixed camera and crappy but taunting music that made me automatically point my gun and shoot ammo at nothing haha. Then when I saw that joker coming at me I had to sit in the next room for a scared second to build up enough courage to get a cheap tactical advantage.

  2. I linked to your blog on mine and mentioned your contest. Granted, I’m pretty sure I’m the only person who reads my blog, but who knows! You might get more traffic!

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