paizocon2009_360At some point you just have to surrender to the realization that there are just more great conventions out there than you can possibly attend.  Hopefully that occurs somewhere down the line well after you’ve been to PaizoCon 2009.  Woot!

PAIZOCON returns in 2009 bigger and better than ever! Officially sponsored and run by Paizo Publishing, LLC, PAIZOCON 2009 brings together dozens of hobby gaming’s veteran authors, artists, publishers, and designers and gives YOU the opportunity to meet, greet, and game with some of the best and brightest that the hobby gaming industry has to offer.

The event to be held June 12 – 14 in Bellevue, Washington is a small affair with attendance capped at 250.  That’s intentional.  The idea is that the con-goer has the chance to “meet, greet, and game with” industry luminaries such Monte Cook and Sue Cook, the creative minds behind Malhavoc Press; and superstar artist Eva Widermann. Other guests include Wolfgang Baur (Kobold Quarterly), Clark Peterson (Necromancer Games), Greg A. Vaughan (Skeletons of Scarwall), and others!

While DnD publisher Wizards of the Coast has moved onto it’s Fourth Edition, Paizo Publishing has decided that there are still great depths to be explored in the 3.5 SRD under WotC’s Open Gaming License.  To that end, Paizo currently has its Pathfinder RPG in beta release with the full release scheduled for GenCon later this year.  Well in June, you can get a sneak peak at the Pathfinder RPG Banquet.

The entire Paizo Publishing staff will be on hand to answer questions, run exclusive Pathfinder events, and play games with attendees.