banner_aliensYesterday, The Podge Cast’s Joe Selby posted the following announcement about this Tuesday’s live Podge Cast episode:

Please join us this coming Tuesday, March 31, 2009, as the PodgeCast presents BATTLECAST! Matt, Luke, Adam/David, and Joe broadcast live and you our wonderful listeners have the chance to participate! Through the miracle of tubes, you can listen and chat with us as we record Episode 037 of the PodgeCast.

Each host will propose in a round-robin format his proposal for best Movie Sequel Ever, stating reasons why he thinks so along with brief rebuttal and/or snide remarks from the other hosts. The audience will also get to nominate four of their own candidates. The person nominating will be drawn at random. At the end of our selection process, the audience will then choose four of the movies nominated to be withdrawn from the contest. And then the battle begins!

We will work our way down to the Best. Movie Sequel. Evar!!!!!

When: 8:30pm Eastern Daylight Time (GMT-5), Tuesday, April 31, 2009

Video of the hosts will be recorded but not streamed during the recording. Audio and audio+video versions of Episode 37 will be released as part of our usual release schedule. Episode 37 video file will include a recording of the chat log (and this time won’t be compressed with the rest of the video feed so you can actually read it).

You may notice that the official start time has been moved to 8:30 even though we announced 8 in our episodes. That’s because we expect Matt to cause technical problems again, and Adam freaks out if we don’t start on time, so we’re giving ourself some cushion. More cushion for the pushin. If you have any questions, please list them in this thread.

The previous live episode was a hoot and a half.

FYI… best movie sequel ever?  Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan.  Anybody who says otherwise is itching for a fight.