Batman R.I.P.Didn’t understand Grant Morrison’s Batman R.I.P.?  Don’t worry…most of us didn’t.  The highly anticipated storyline had many readers (not me) swear never to buy another Batman comic as long as Morrison was involved.  Mostly because of it’s incoherent plotline and unfulfilling ending.    Though, I have to admit, I kinda dug the redesign they did on the Joker.

Anywho, someone smarter than me figured out what the hell was going on in this storyline and put together some great annotations!

The last time someone put this much effort into annotating a comic book (I think) was League of Extraordinary Gentleman, which DC actually published in the book’s absolute edition.  Tres cool.  You never know…the same may come of this in the inevitable absolute edition of Batman R.I.P. I mean, they’re doing the God awful Superman: For Tomorrow in an absolute edition…why not this?