Looks like Claire’s son and Jin/Sun’s little girl are getting hitched…in 2030.  According to spoiler hounds Mike Ausiello and DarkUFO, there might be a crazy time jump coming up featuring Aaron and JiYeon (who are currently toddlers in Lost’s timeline) tying the knot.  Spoiler sites can’t seem to agree on whether the short scene will take place on the mainland or the island.

Also, Lost (and former “Gia” seductress) Elizabeth Mitchell has been cast in ABC’s “V” pilot as (rumored) FBI agent Erica Evans.  While ET’s Mike Ausiello hears that Mitchell only has a guest role in the pilot, Erica Evans seems to be a much more meaty role than that according to this link.  Are my suspicions of Daniel Faraday’s demise completely off base?