Giving you spoilers for your favorite shows that are not titled House or Grey’s Anatomy.  Thanks to ET’s Ausiello, KryptonSite, DarkUFO, and SpoilerFix!  Click after the jump for all the goodies!

What's ahead for the Winchester brothers?
What's ahead for the Winchester brothers?

It seems that Ali Larter can’t decide whether she wants off the show or not.  Looks like her character may be off’d anyway, but that doesn’t necessarily mean it won’t be one big fake out.  With two other deaths in the pipeline, and Sylar with a chance at a shape-shifting ability, is Nathan safe?  I think I can bet money on Mohinder saying “My father’s research” or “I’m going back to India” in next season’s premiere.

While this season has been a rollercoaster, there has been an extreme lack of Jack crying scenes this season.  Maybe he’ll cry over this…according to spoiler sites, one of these people will die: Ben, Sawyer, Daniel, Jin, or Miles.  And if Daniel Faraday is the cause of the incident on the island, my money’s on him.

Prison Break
Everybody and their mother (literally) is coming back for the show’s final swansong.  More specifically, the return of C-note, Sucre, not-so-dead Kellerman, and more of Michael/Lincoln’s mother.  What else?  Gretchen out of prison, T-Bag in prison, and even a flash-forward to see what happens to these characters once it’s all said and done.  Maybe it’s good thing the show is ending, as Michael seems to have gained a lot of weight in the 6 months or so that this show takes place.

Zatanna has a spell to make Clark more bumbling, Parasite and Plastique also spell a little injustice for Clark, Oliver’s kryptonite ring comes in handy,  no more Isis Foundation and instead more Watchtower, and Davis/Chloe angst continues.  Expect two deaths by the time the show’s climax comes around (Hint: Whoever is not in the comics and who’s name is not Tess).

Another Winchester brother rears his ugly head in “Jump the Shark”.  Someone close to Sam and Dean bites the dust…isn’t there only one person alive close to both of them (Bobby)?

Terminator Sarah Connor Chronicles
Show Creator Josh Friedman once posted in his blog “the death of a loved one” three times as an upcoming event for the rest of the season.  Riley being one, Jesse most likely being the other, we are left to speculate who the third will be.  And Derek’s most important job all season will continue to be driving the Ford Truck.

2 thoughts on “Sticky Note Spoilers: Your Quick Fix to Upcoming TV Spoilers and Speculation

  1. Smallville:
    But Tess is in the comics. ;P

    If they kill Chloe off, I’m going to stop watching the show. Which, arguably, I should have done at the end of last season.

    I also heard that some people are lobbying for Milo’s departure from the show

  2. Are those even really spoilers for Supernatural? I mean, I’d put good odds on the first one being a hoax or gimmick for that episode and then the second one is every other episode. I mean, last episode they iced Uriel and the one before that was Pamela. They’ve lost their mother, their father, the road house… I mean, is it really a spoiler anymore to say, “People around the brothers die.”

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