Missile Mouse

…is a mouse with a big @$$ gun.  Read about this guy after the jump.

If you haven’t picked up Flight Explorer, Volume One yet, you are doing yourself a disservice.  Ten fantasy tales, appropriate for all ages, by some of the most talented writer/artists working in comic books today, for only ten bucks?  It’s kind of a no-brainer, methinks.

My favorite tale from Flight Explorer is that of Missile Mouse, a very Fear Agent-y space mouse with a giant gun who liked to shoot monsters till they’re dead.  I know it doesn’t sound all-ages, but that’s because I like to imagine things more violent than they really are.  It’s really great fun and reminds me of the type of stuff I would have loved as a kid.  And still, love as an adult.

From the writer’s blog:

Missile Mouse is an agent for the Galactic Security Agency (I’ll have a post on the GSA sometime later.) He is an expert pilot, a crack shot, and can dish out a good punch. What he lacks in finesse he makes up with brute force and dogged determination. You could say he’s the hatchet as opposed to the scalpel. The GSA isn’t quite sure what to do with him, but they need him. Just when they think he’s too much of a liability he proves them wrong and becomes an asset they can’t function without.

Pick up Flight Explorer using our Amazon link below!  Then check out writer/artist’s Jake Parker’s official site, chronicling the making of the new Missile Mouse graphic novel coming later this year!